Hi!  My name is Kim Living aka the Date Night Diva. I am the Founder and Creator of Design-A-DateNight where we specialize in Romantic Atmospheres. Be it a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or proposal, we can add that extra touch that will take your date night to new heights.  From picking the right flowers to choosing that perfect bottle of wine...we take pride in creating memorable encounters.  Tell us your occasion and we can make it the most romantic night you've ever had! 

When a wedding invitation arrives in the mail I can't wait to see how the reception will be decorated. I love the celebratory times of life.  After working for 

many years in corporate accounting I knew my passion wasn't accounting when I got more excited about planning baby showers than reconciling customer accounts.  Design-A-Datenight was founded out of this passion.  I am also a romantic at heart and planning unique, romantic outings, and getaways with my husband has been the secret sauce in our marriage. 

Kim Living 

The Date Night Diva