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Picnic Perfect

We think that picnics are a staple in dating and should be ready in a moment’s notice anywhere, at any time and in any season. Here are some ideas on how to make this happen.

Pick the right container

Picnic Containers- The container you use should be large enough to hold all your utensils plus a blanket and easily stored in the trunk of your car or in your garage where you can grab and go quickly.

1) A large wicker basket with a top or closer is an excellent choice.

2) A Plastic storage container with a snap top lid is my first choice.

3) A sturdy cardboard box with a lid, like those that copy paper comes in, is a great temporary solution.

Contents: The contents should be sturdy and not too fragile for transportation. I recommend melamine plates and bowls. They are beautiful and sturdy and won’t feel awkward to use outside. I know real dishes look beautiful but they are so impractical for a picnic.

List of items to keep stocked:

a) White melamine plates – everything looks good on white and this will give you an elegant feel and look.

b) Flatware - Real flatware or plastic ware that looks like silverware is appropriate. There are several beautiful varieties you can use. Do not use those already in plastic. We are going to wrap our silverware in real cloth napkins.

c) Cloth napkins and napkin rings

d) Stemware – this can be the only impractical item I think is appropriate. You need to allow for beauty and elegance. However don’t use your best crystal for this occasion. The Dollar Tree has a great selection of glass stemware for $1.00 each!

e) Cutting boards – to be used as sturdy surface to stand glasses

f) Votive candles - candles are a must for romance

g) Lighter for lighting the candles

Your favorite bottle of wine. Wine can be chilled quickly. See this post for how.


You want to keep the food really simple and easy.

Sandwiches that you can pick up on the way to your picnic spot is a great choice.

Chicken nuggets can also be picked up.

Nachos in a bag

Salads in a cup,

and fresh fruit all have the easy to transport and clean up.

These are only guidelines. Make it your own and have fun with it just make it accessible. Happy Picnicing!