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What’s Your Perfect-Date Personality? 12 Date night Ideas based on your personality type

The Athlete

If you and your date are the athletic type, why not have a little “hands-on” fun with a game of touch football? The adrenaline rush of giving chase and being caught, in a friendly competitive way, is a win-win for each of you. Pack a small cooler with water, Gatorade or beer for a quick pick me up afterwards, or go to a sports bar and catch a real game on the big screen.

The Foodie

If the thought of a progressive dinner party sounds exciting, or if you could easily write the weekly restaurant review for your local paper then you or your sweetie might be foodies. Since creating magic through food is your thing then how about going to a specialty food store like http://www.oliveandvineshop.com/ where you can sample and create your own unique blend of olive oils. Use your creation to cook a succulent dish together, taste-testing as you go.

The Adrenaline Junkie

Exciting, Edgy, Extraordinary. If any of those words describe you and your sweetie, and what you like to do, then you have an adventurous spirit and may be an adrenaline junkie. Bungee jumping maybe just what you need to kick-off your date night. Ask for a double harness and leap into love together. To bring your heart-rate down after all that excitement buy ice cream cones and take a cool-down lap along a scenic walking trail.

The Dancer

Think you got the moves like Jagger? Due to shows like Dancing with the Stars and So you think you can dance, there is an increased number of local dance classes that have popped up at affordable prices. Sign you guys up for a hip-hop or salsa class. Even if you have two left feet, the act of learning a new skill will draw you closer together. After a few lessons you guys can show what you’ve learned at a salsa club or even enter a local competition.

The Outdoorsy Type

If your idea of a good time involves getting dirty in anyway then you maybe the outdoorsy type. Spend a day at the stables, riding trail horses. Pretend to be the damsel in distress and he be the Prince on a white horse coming to rescue you.

The Animal Lover

Your ideal mate will come with his own set of four legged friends and together you all would be the “Brady Bunch” family of felines or furry pups. Given this scenario, your date night could be volunteering together at a pet shelter or spending time at your local zoo. Let your furry friends be the inspiration. Follow their lead in giving unconditional love and unsolicited affection to each other.

The Kid in Me

You are the Peter Pan type - just a big kid at heart. You love everything kid related, but in a grown-up-kind-of-way. Make your date night a video game night! You probably already own several consoles but instead of the games you know, and have mastered, try something new that you guys can master together. With the Sims series you could create your own virtual date night and have it end just the way you want it to!

The Nature Lover

If you love the way fresh air feels on your face, the chirp-chirp sound of birds is like a symphony to your ears, and fresh-cut-grass scent is your favorite perfume smell, well you are probably a nature lover. Check the event calendar at your local arboretum or botanical gardens. Most of the activities are low cost and you are sure to come away with new knowledge and a new found appreciation for all things nature.

The Music Lover

Yeah, you are the one who goes to every concert that comes to town. You always have your beats(™) headphones in, and your favorite playlist is ever changing. Try exploring a new genre of music. If you normally would go for pop music then try a reggae or jazz music festival. You may find that you love the new style and because it’s a festival you can learn about the culture that inspired the sound.

The Political Scientist

  • You DVR the Sunday morning political news shows.

  • You follow POTUS and/or FLOTUS on social media.

  • You know all the 1st pet's names going back to Jimmy Carter

If you checked yes to any of the above you are probably the political scientist type.

Grab the best bottle of wine you can afford, get glasses with the longest, sexiest stems you can find, pop some popcorn and binge watch Scandal, arguably the sexiest political drama ever. Look for some of our most favorite quotes like: "I don't want normal and easy and simple I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing extraordinary love." ~ Olivia Pope

History Buff

You don’t live your life in the past but you love exploring things of old and imagining what life was like during that time. My guess is, the museum district in your town would be your happy place. Most museums offer times during the week where the admission is free. This not only makes the date interesting but also economical. Spend the day exploring the past and afterwards grab a light lunch in the museum’s cafe or a corner bakery near by.

The Sports Fan

Whoa Nelly this is your element. You love sports and football season is your favorite time of year. Why not make this into a special date by scoring tickets to your favorite NFL teams home game. Dress in their jerseys or color scheme, maybe even rent a party bus to take you and a some equally excited fans to the game. You know there will be lots of beer flowing, so drink and let someone else drive.

The Movie Critic

You have your “assigned” seat in your local theater. You keep a list of your favorite movies by category, and You may even host an Oscar watch party every year. If this sounds even remotely like you, you are probably a fan of watching good movies. Instead of heading out to the movies why not try making a specialty popcorn dish like s’mores or pizza flavored and rent or watch some classics on Netflix.

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