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Date Night Ideas Based on TV Couples we’ve loved over the Years

These people come into our homes on a weekly basis via our television sets and although fictional characters, they become very real to us. We know their likes, dislikes, their strengths and weakness. We know everything about them really. So I thought it would be fun to plan a date night around them based on what we know about them. Some of these you may know others may be new. But let’s give it shot. Leave comments below if you have other ideas related to the characters I have chosen for this.

J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing - Dallas

I know, I know this is an old one, but it is good. Being that the Ewing’s were rich oil tycoons from Texas their date night would be a fancy, expensive steak dinner where only the finest cuts of beef were served. “Only the best for you Darling”, spoken in my coolest JR Voice.

Date night Tip: Order your steak the way you like it, BUT get the smallest size that you can eat in one setting. Why? Because when you reheat a steak especially in the microwave, it gets the additional cooking time, so if you like your steak medium rare then it takes it to medium or medium well, or if you like it medium well it takes it to well done. This could affect the experience you had with the food the night before. So buy just enough to enjoy right then and there, savor the moment.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo - I love Lucy

Lucy and Ricky were the funniest couple on TV in their time. That Lucy could never stay out of trouble! I imagine a date night for them would be an intimate dinner party at home where their best friends Fred and Ethel would come over. Lucy would plan an elaborate dinner spread where nothing would go as planned but it would still be fabulous Lucy style! Isn’t that more fun anyway?

Date night Tip: Create a checklist for items needed for your party. Pre-style your dinner by setting up everything including the serving dishes so you can visualize how it will look.

Have an assortment of games to be played after and just let the evening flow.

Claire and Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show

Claire was a lawyer and Cliff was a Obstetrician with 5 kids of their own. Claire was constantly on him about eating healthy but his favorite meal was a hoagie sandwich. He also was really into jazz from the Harlem Renaissance Era.

I imagine a stay-at-home date night for them would be a Jazz listening party. They would put together a build-your-own-hoagie spread. All the sandwich toppings would be set up buffet style aas if catered. There would be a sparkling grape juice sangria prepared or a specialty cocktail, something that may have been served at the Cotton Club in 1955. They would take their sandwiches to the living room and snuggle on the couch and where they would play all the artist that they enjoyed like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk to name a few. They would pretend they were at the legendary Cotton Club or that they were taking a stroll through Harlem on a Friday night as the jazz music poured from the clubs into the streets.

Date night Tip: Plan your own listening party based upon the artist or music genre you love. Make it interesting by recreating the time. If this is music you enjoyed in high school, then dress like you did then, or dress as the artist did on your favorite album cover. The idea here is just to have fun with it!

Mike and Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch

I am not sure, but I think this may have been the first time a “blended” family was portrayed on television. Carol had 3 girls from a previous marriage and Mike had 3 boys. They married and became the Brady Bunch. Everybody knows the theme song and everybody knows the infamous slogan: “It’s always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”. It’s pop culture though. We love this stuff. It built our childhoods. So being that this family was all-american with their ranch style house, station wagon, and live in housekeeper, I thought an interesting date night for this couple would be an all American theme night. I imagine they would go to a baseball game and enjoy hot dogs and peanuts and coca colas, those little ones in the 10 ounce glass bottles. Simple? Yes, but simple can be the best time of your life.

Date night Tip: If your hometown has a professional team then you could make this as big or small as you like. You could buy your team's jersey(if you don’t already own one!), and go to a game. Have dinner or lunch in a cafe near the stadium or enjoy hot dogs and beers once you get there. Make sure that you get a kiss on the kiss-cam! If your town doesn’t have a professional team then support your local little league or high school. It could be just as fun or even more so if you know someone who is playing.