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Date Night Tips

Date night tips to insure you have a really good time

1. Get some rest

Yes rest. You should get adequate rest before you go out on a date with your spouse or significant other, because lack of sleep can cause irritability, brain fogginess and according an article on WebMD, lower your sex drive. So take a nap before heading out so that you don’t snap on your partner, then forget that you did and turn down the incredible makeup sex.

2. Avoid the busiest times.

My husband and I never go out to restaurants on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. I know that sounds counter intuitive but we have found going on those days actually gives us the opposite of what we are going for, which is to relax and enjoy spending time together. The place is crowded which severely limits the intimacy we are looking to share. The kitchen staff is rushed and the food can reflect this. There are usually long wait times and no reservations are available. It is kind of like going to an amusement park in the off season. You get to have fun on the rides without the lines but the excitement of summer season is either fading or gone completely. Here is the best example I can think of to demonstrate why going in the “off season” is best. My husband and I got married on a Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful fall day. We went to the courthouse and to Sears to take pictures. and took it with us to a fancy restaurant. We happen to get there right around 2:00. The timing couldn’t have been better for us. Because it was a fancy spancy place the restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived right after the lunch rush. Since it was a celebration for us and the restaurant employees went over and beyond to serve us. Not only serve us they absolutely catered to our needs. They watched to make sure we were done with our appetizers before bringing out the entrees. They took the cake we brought with us and put it on a plate and dressed it with chocolate syrup, strawberries and whipped cream as though they had prepared it. They then directed us outside to the professional garden and gazebo and served the cake to us. It was a level of service that I had never experienced before.

3. Make a reservation

If you are going to your favorite restaurant then you sort of know the best seats in the house. Call ahead and reserve that table if possible. Talk to the manager and just explain that you and your sweetie love their place and you come often and it would mean a lot if they would hold table # 3 by the window for you all. More times than not, they will accommodate a loyal customer. Don’t fret if it is your first time going; Call ahead and tell them you have heard nothing but good things about their place and you are looking forward finding out if the rumors are true. Ask them if they didn’t mind holding a special table for you and your hubby/wife. Be sure to leave a tip of gratitude for the special treatment. This will ensure it happens for you the next time you come.

4. Allow for time flexibility

Allow enough time between dinner and your show so that you are not rushing to get to the next event on time. I once planned to go see a Cir De Solei show with a girlfriend. I was really excited because we had good seats and I had never seen a live performance. We went to my favorite seafood restaurant, but it was a 30 minute drive from the restaurant to the event venue. I didn’t allow enough time between dinner and the start of the show. We not only missed the first act of a really great show but we also rushed through dinner, felt the frustration of trying to find a place to park and was flustered by the time we made it to our seats. Never again I vowed. Plan ahead. GPS your route between places and know your estimated time of arrivals. The whole idea of the date is to spend quality time with your spouse.